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I am honored to be a part of the story I’m sharing with you today. This starts with a sweet little girl named Harper and her family’s story of strength. In 2016, Harper passed away from a pulmonary hemorrhage at just 16 months old. I’m going to do my best to honor their story and inspire you to keep Harpers light alive by giving back to our community. 

Harper with her

loving older sister


This is a hard one for me to share with you. It has taken me a while to get my thoughts onto paper. Loosing a child is more than debilitating, but harpers family found a way to keep her joy alive and share it with us. To represent Harper’s family appropriately, it’s important I focus on the joy rather than the immense sorrow they have lived through. I want to convey the Pillman’s story of strength and love that they have shown after such tragedy. 

December is Harper’s birthday month, and her family felt a void when it came time to buy presents. Harper’s Mother and Father, Kelly and Steve Pillman, decided to share the joy their beautiful girl gave them, and start shopping for local children in need.

This is where the nonprofit Happiness for Harper began. Harper’s joy is still present and continues to spread love to other children in the community on Christmas. They have partnered with the St. Charles County Police Department program called SANTA COPS. All year, they devote their time to collecting toys and getting them delivered to as many in need children as possible.

One of many items

being raffled off at

Christmas in July

event this


The Pillman’s collect donations all year through:

  • Hosting Local Fundraisers
  • Partnering with Local Businesses
  • Collecting Financial Donations


Christmas in July

Sunday- July 24, 2022
1:30p- 4p

2089 Hanley Rd, Dardenne Prairie, MO 63368-6735, United States

So many fun details to share about the event this weekend. This is the first annual Christmas in July, and it has had an outstanding response from the community. The flyer above gives all the fun details you will get to enjoy with your family.

The event list is stacked with things to do for everyone in your crew. Check out their Facebook page to follow more details and check out all the gift baskets available in the raffle. I know you stopped to checkout that O’Reilly Jersey pictured above. Bring your money and cross your fingers and you might take it home on Sunday.

Vendor List for Christmas in July- July 24, 2022

Partner with Local Businesses

Happiness for Harper has partnered up with some local businesses to help raise funds and increase the number of gifts given. Christmas in July is the biggest event on the books at the moment. If you cant make it, no worries, they are also doing a few charity drives in the near future. You buy the food you love and the shops donate back to a good cause.

August 2022

January 2023

How to Donate

If you aren’t able to make it to any of the events, you can still get involved. Like I mentioned before, quality of the toys are extremely important to the Happiness for Harper team. They request that you donate and let them pick the toys based on needs and wants of the recipients. It’s important these kiddos are overjoyed on Christmas and get the hottest toys each year.

They accept Paypal and Venmo for donations.

Paypal- happinessforharper@gmail.com

Venmo- @happinessforharper

“She brought so much joy to our life and that created a ripple effect that continues to this day. Harper in her littleness made a big impact in this world just like small acts of kindness make a big difference.”

– Kelly Pillman, Harpers Mother

I will be out there with my kids this weekend and hope to see you there too. Like I pointed out, there are many ways to give back and help keep Harper’s love alive. I want to thank the whole Pillman family for sharing their story with the community and all they do to continue to give back. You are truly brave.

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