To support the neighbors in our local community and spread the love for the St. Louis area.

Hi, I’m Mary

Mary is a wife and mother of two crazy kids, ages 1.5 and 3 years. She comes from a long line of St. Louisan’s that are rooted in the small business community. She grew up surrounded by family-owned businesses in the region and even applied for early work permanents to get her hands “dirty” as early as possible. For ten years post-high school, Mary lived and traveled the world seeing many different cities as a professional runner. Her love for St. Louis grew through these years, as she recalled all the significant experiences, people, and businesses in the area.

When 2020 came as a fierce storm, the need to support the businesses and community in St. Louis was undeniable. This is where the idea for Love Local STL was born. She wants to take you on a journey as she explores all things St. Louis. Love Local STL, LLC strives to generate revenue and social awareness to keep St. Louis the special city she grew up in.

Hi, I’m Tory

 Tory is Mary’s hubby and right hand man. He grew up in the Metro East just miles from Mary, but they didn’t meet until they both moved to a different city. After moving around the country together, there was no other place to settle down than St. Louis.

Anyone that knows Tory, knows he loves his family and he loves the Midwest.  When Love Local STL, LLC came to life, Tory was the encouraging force behind the whole idea. He even became a worker bee to keep everything running smoothly. Together this pair is ready to spread their love for the region and nudge you toward supporting the great local businesses St. Louis has.