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Are your kids driving you absolutely crazy during this quarantine? I am right there with ya. A two-year old and a 7 month old locked inside is a recipe for insanity. Just like most people reading this post, I have mom guilt over the amount of screen time I let them watch, but let’s be real. Momma needs a moment of peace or a glass of wine.

One day between changing poopy diapers and stopping my two-year old from jumping on the dogs, I decided somethings gotta give. Soooo, I started to research all the screen time activities in the Edwardsville area that are fun and educational. I know I will probably get blasted for putting my kids in front of a screen, but I can only sing “Baby Shark” so many times.

This is a list of SOME of the local activities I found available. I know there are more out there, but this is a good start. The great thing about this list, is most of these are recordings, so you can watch them at you own convenience. They allow you to stay connected with the community on your own schedule. Hope you enjoy!

1. Follow Prima Dance and Tumbling

Every Thursday morning at 9am Ms. Kayla and her adorable son, Warren, go live for a fun interactive toddler time. She takes you through educational songs and activities to combine screen time and movement. This is an excellent way to get you and your kids moving. The session will give you new material to start with your toddlers through the week.

2. Edwardsville Children’s Museum

I spy Friday. Every Friday the Museum is posting a picture and a list of objects to find in the photo. Look back on old pictures and see if you can spot the items listed. They also have videos posted of story times and crafts that you can do with supplies you most likely have at home already.

This week they are posting stories and activities for Earth Day (Wednesday) and Arbor Day (Friday). Coming in the next couple weeks, they will be selling Learning Bundles that can be purchased and picked up curbside. Keep your eyes peeled, you will want to get in on this!

3. Altitude Trampoline Park

Workout with Altitude Trampoline Park and get a chance to WIN $100 GIFT CARD. That is no joke. Not only are they giving you fun challenges to do via Facebook, they are giving away gift cards to their park. Just follow their instructions and post a video or picture to each one of the 8 challenges by April 30, 2020 11:59pm. They will announce the winner May 1, 2020. If you’re not up for the challenge, you can still visit their Facebook page and watch the creativity your neighbors have.

4. Glen Carbon Library

Join Miss Aimee and her sweet cats for a fun story time on the Glen Carbon Library Facebook page. She goes through songs, sign language and fun stories for your kiddos. She is on every Tuesday from 10am – 10:30am.

The library has posted ebooks and other fun activities on their page for some fun learning at home. Pop on a book and give your toddler a pile of blocks to get a few minutes to yourself.

5. Edwardsville Public Library

Story time with Ms. Kristen and Ms. Megan is always a good time. My son loves to listen to their stories, and the Bean Bag Bop is one of his favorites. Watch the story time videos on the library’s Facebook page.

These are just a few ideas to give your little ones activities to do while you are stuck at home all day. All of theses local businesses are very special to our community. If you are reading this and your are not from the area, these videos are available to all. I also encourage you to look at your local libraries for activities to do.

Feel free to email me any activities you would like me to include in a future blog post. Good luck during this quarantine. WE WILL MAKE IT!!!

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