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This post was developed to help fight back against the quarantine 15. If you are not sure what I’m talking about… go hop on the scale. That extra 15 pounds will now be labeled the Quarantine 15.

Don’t worry. This quarantine has been hard on all of us. I am pulling out maternity pants to hide the food baby I’ve been carrying around.

Now, I am not going to tell you to throw out that snickers or put down that drink (although that would help). I am going to point you in the direction of some local businesses that are helping you fight the quarantine 15.

As a retired professional runner, I have been through about every kind of workout. One major takeaway from my life as a pro athlete is you have to set a goal to reach it. Does that sound ridiculously simple? Yep. But it has to be done.

I have found that taking the time to set a goal, even if its that 5 minutes you get in the shower, you can change the way you live your life.

These links will also work if you just plain don’t want to put clothes on. No judgment here. Everyone quarantines on their own terms. That’s the beauty of being locked in your home with no social contact. Important to look on the bright side during these hard times.

So here we go. Here are some options from different St. Louis area gyms.


I love home Yoga videos. It allows me to get a workout in, and have some quiet time. Sometimes, I just go in the basement and turn it on while I meditate. That way everyone upstairs will leave me alone. Peace, quiet, and yoga. Here are some studios I love, and what they have to offer.

Studio Gaia


They are offering live zoom classes for only $10 a class on Monday’s and Thursday’s. That is a steal, and you are helping a local business. They have classes for every level.

If you can’t make a live class, they have recorded classes to choose from, such as neck and shoulders, evening, and back rescue yoga. This way you can pick a class perfect for you and your body.

If you haven’t tried yoga this is a great way to test it out and see if its right for you



Once we can get back into the gym, this yoga studio will help you sweat out any stress you are having. I am talking puddle on your mat sweating, and it is oh so good. In the meantime, they are offering a few different options.

Flip through their Facebook photos and check out different poses with descriptions included. This can help you perfect your poses if you are a pro, or just practice a pose with no fear of judgment if your new to yoga.

Poses for better sleep is a great example of what they offer for this downtime. It works for me until both my dogs, cat, both kids and husband jump into bed, but the first ten minutes of sleeping by myself are magical. Also, they have multiple videos and descriptions to help you through your home practice.



I do not have a ton of experience with CrossFit, but I do know the community that comes with a CrossFit gym is something special. If you are looking for something with a team mentality, this is for you.

Try not to be intimidated by all the muscles. CrossFit can be modified for any level of athlete. Plus, there is some eye candy for your workout if your diet doesn’t allow the real stuff.

Crossfit 557


Crossfit 557 is a local Crossfit gym located in Collinsville. They are offering a daily virtual bodyweight class to all of its members. For the members that have a home gym set up or just a heavy dog to hold while squatting, they incorporate some weights in the workouts.

They are also starting a kid’s class to make up for the missed PE classes. It helps get rid of all that energy the little ones have. So do a workout, pour a beer, and watch your kids do theirs. It’s a win-win-win situation.

The owner of 557 is an extremely qualified trainer and athlete himself. He is happy to answer any questions and educate athletes on adjustments needed to stay healthy. He puts his heart and soul in this business, and you can tell from the customer service you receive.

Fitness Studio

The next two gyms I highlight are more of the short but sour kinda workout. They are gonna work you. so get ready. They offer a lot of core and general strength options, that I believe are key to staying healthy. You can use their unique workout styles and incorporate part or all of a workout into your routine.



PLNK is a local fitness studio located in Central West End and Frontenac. They may be a small business, but they sure are mighty. They were recommended to me by a cousin, and in my research, I found this gym to be very motivated and dedicated to their customers.

Their workouts are low-impact but high-intensity. In the gym they use Megaformer and their patented method to get your muscles screaming. This is basically a really hardcore form of pilates.

If you are looking for a way to spice up your workout routine this is it. Short videos on IGTV will give you targeted muscle workouts that will get you sweating in no time. I haven’t been to this gym, but I will be trying it out as soon as it’s safe to get back in a gym.



Core 3 Fitness


Want to surf in St. Louis? This gym brought the ocean to you, kinda. They do core workouts that incorporate stationary surfing. Their website explains- Core3. They have so many options you will never get board- (pun intended).

If you are someone that needs equipment to get a workout in, they are renting out theirs. How cool is that? Help a local gym by bringing a piece of it home for a month or two. This gym is based out of Brentwood. Message them if you are interested and to check availability.

They offer the option to deliver, or you can pick it up.

Also, they are offering online workouts for $20 a month. They include barre, power yoga, mega burn, circuit, gymnastics inspired, plyo sessions, and more. Definitely worth a try.

Core 3 Facebook



So there you have it. Hope this helps you to fight back against the Quarantine 15. If you find these are too hard to do, make sure you modify the workout to a level you can handle.

Email me with any questions, or if you need help with goal setting.

If these are not for you at all, I get it. Working out is hard to do when you are stuck at home, or if you’re an essential worker and just want to chill after work.

There are tons of gyms in the area, so if you don’t like these, then find one that keeps you interested. Even 10 minutes of exercise can help you physically and most importantly mentally. Just remember to take care of your body because it’s the only one you have.

The moral of this story is to workout or buy a gift card from a local gym. This is an extremely hard time on gyms so continue your membership if financially possible. If you don’t want to workout, you can always give that gift card to someone you love. Nothing says I love you more than a good sweaty ass kicking. Even if it is at home.


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